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I am a seeker of inner peace. For a many years, ironically starting not long after my bar mitzvah, I was a committed atheist and skeptic. I denied the existence of not only God, but anything supernatural. My undergraduate degree in Engineering reinforced this worldview.

In 1993, I developed Crohn’s Disease, a painful and incurable intestinal disorder. Despite that I managed to be a successful manager at a variety of start-up companies, have two children, and accumulate some material wealth. But my life was filled with pain, both emotional and physical. To put it succintly, life was hard.

In 2007, at the tender age of 37, I came across the Sedona Method. The basic course is non-spiritual enough that I still found it accessible. Little did I know that this would be my gateway to adopting a non-dualistic viewpoint, learning what it means for God to be immanent, and seeking to return spirituality to my life.

I am not enlightened. I have far to go on the spiritual path. One might ask why I should bother to blog. I’ve found in my work that some of the most helpful things I’ve read have been others’ discussions of their own journeys. I hope that my musings may help someone else. If not, articulating them still helps me. Even if no one else erads this blog, I’ll consider it a success.


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Yup, well, you’ve got my attention. I’m intrigued and inspired. Please continue.


Comment by Katie Starlets

I’m extremely interested in the pathway of yours. When I was 16, I was fascinated by the \Jewish religion, by the cantor singing. I even joined a rabbi and went to the schule to learn the basics of Hebrew. This venerable man told me that the Jewish way is to learn a trade and then be able to go the yashiva to learn about spirituality. This worthy rabbi wanted to send me to the Antwerp jewellery school for me to learn to cut diamonds whic h would’ve been my trade. My father refused the deal. I nearly went to Israel, to Beercheba. My father agreed to that, but not God and… the 1967 war! I never made it to Israel! I went to the UK instead!
I realize that I have hang-ups. I am reading a book about Cancer patients and their positive way to overcome cancer, taking medicine as their ally and deciding on a two year goal, even when they have only six months to live. Thanks to this they live a lot longer. This speaks volume to the resilience of man.
The Sedona sounds interesting in the way you mix it with The Work by Byron Katie. I think your shows man’s intelligence about finding oneself. Praise to you and I want to read much more from you and your exploration. Best regards, Misha

Comment by Michael Domnin

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