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January 2, 2009, 3:02 pm
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In the Sedona Method course, Hale Dwoskin suggests writing thoughts down as we release them. His explanation is that the paper serves, in a sense, as a releasing partner. I did this when I first took the audio course about a year and a half ago. Soon afterwards, being an efficiency expert, I created word processor templates and switched to typing my answers instead.

As I wrote last week, I’ve been going through a patch where releasing has been much more difficult for me. With the holidays over, company gone, and kids soon to return to school, I figured now was the time to dedicate myself to getting past my resistance. I decided to go back to trying pen and paper while doing an “advantages and disadvantages” exercise on my health, an area where I’ve been conflicted for a while.

I’ve written before about how I was able to get insight by free writing about my job and spiritual progress. I don’t know if I would have gotten similar results by typing. I wondered if releasing with paper would be more productive than typing my thoughts had been.

The answer was most definitely yes. The process went much slower than with a computer, in the sense of the number of thoughts released per hour. However, the process seemed much more effective, and I felt a deeper sense of relief and insight.

I don’t know what it is about typing that makes it less effective for me as a releasing tool. Maybe it’s that I associate the computer with working, or that the “efficiency” of a computer made me move on to the next thought too quickly. In any case, using a computer was definitely a false economy for me.

I’m still working myself out of the spiritual slump that I’ve been in the past couple of weeks. I guess this is a reminder that sometimes it’s just best to go back to basics.


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