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Goal Progress
November 10, 2008, 10:37 am
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I wrote a few days ago about my health goal, and the belief behind it. I believed that my life would be better if I were healthy.

I’m very happy to say that I no longer believe that’s true. Combining Byron Katie’s The Work and the Sedona Method has let me free myself of the grip of that belief. As I realized weeks ago, no belief is helpful, and this one was no different.

I see now how destructive my belief was. In many ways, I’ve been deferring living my life, because supposedly things would be easier once I was healthy. I’ve been judging my life overly harshly, minimizing many good things; after all, things can’t be that great if I’m sick, right? I’ve even hesitated from taking some actions that could make me feel better, because I didn’t want to “get into the habit” of being sick.

If a magic genie offered to heal me, I’d still take the offer. However, I’m not emotionally vested in it anymore. I can’t know for sure that life would be better that way. What I do know for sure is that my life is better now that I’ve accepted reality.

I almost broke into tears as I realized how much freer I am now. I’ve spent 15 years fighting my illness – what a waste of energy! (My ego almost tricked me into beating myself up about it, rather than celebrating the progress.)

This is the first time I’ve felt “hootless” about a goal. I can finally understand how someone can just put a seemingly important goal aside. It’s because the goal really doesn’t matter. Our inner peace is available whether a goal manifests or not.

I’ve come full circle now to the post I wrote several weeks ago, seeing a dilemma in goals. Having goals is counterproductive to inner peace. I understand now why Lester Levenson said it was so important to work on goals. It wasn’t so that we could get our goals to satisfy our egos. Rather, it was because getting hootless on the goal dissolves the belief that we need it to be happy.

It’s too bad that the Sedona Method goal process didn’t work for me. I’m just thrilled that I found an approach that does work. Maybe my health will actually manifest now – it’s still amazing to me that I don’t care whether it does or not.


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Hi Seeker,

Great to read about your gain, what a relief to let go of an outdated counter productive belief.

What I understand and notice about working with the Sedona goals process is that it is not really about achieving “the goal”. For me releasing on “goals” is a way to become hootless on the goal. When I work on my desires, rules and beliefs from the pro and con side of the goal the result is letting go of a lot of old material and resistance that was/is holding me back in most areas of my life.

I love the goals process because by dissolving my resistance I move naturally toward the goal, but even more important dissolving my resistance relieves me of a lot of mind clutter.

Love Barb

Comment by Barbara Johnson

Hi Seeker. Your blog has really captured my interest! It sounds like you are wrestling with some of the same general thing I am. (Job, wanting to be healither, setting goals, etc.)

I’m looking forward to seeing what discoveries you continue to make along your journey!

I’m working with a coach who has been a tremendous help to me. He has me write my goals as first person, positive statements. Instead of saying, “I want to be healthier” I wrote it as “I make healthy decisions.” And I have several things I measure it by. It’s really been helpful to me.

When I phrased it as “I want to be healthy” or “My goal is to be healthy” I kept making decisions that didn’t support that and then kept beating myself up for making lousy decisions. Now whenever I honor my goal of “I make healthy decisions” it’s like a little pat on the back. And when I choose not to make healthy decisions it seems to be easier to get back on track.

Good luck as you continue to find your way!

Comment by spudsie

On the old Release Technique website of Larry Crane’s were old e-newletters and in one of them Larry said that sometimes we don’t have to do endless advantages/aversions on a problem, i.e., health. Sometimes just saying “yes” to a health issue is enough to let go of the most deep seeded steel resistant issues we might have. I wanted to include the website address for this one article, but like I said I went to the new website and they aren’t there any more. The article was entitled “Say Yes” I think. I’m like you with my struggle for money and a job at the moment so I’m saying “yes” to every emotion I can feel these days. I’ll keep you posted. Good Luck to you.

Comment by Belle Haup

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