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Waiting for God
November 4, 2008, 10:30 am
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People who have followed A Course In Miracles, such as Marianne Williamson and Gerald Jampolsky, say that they get divine guidance on what to do. That sounds lovely. It would be great to give up the burden of making decisions and have an infallible guide lead me to happiness.

As I wrote a couple of days ago, every moment we make a decision: to judge what’s happening, or accept it. This still leaves a challenge, though, for as long as I’m still living in an illusory world. There are still decisions to make, no matter how illusory they might be. Do I stay in my job, or change careers? Should my family move to somewhere with a milder climate that would be easier on my illness? I know the questions apply to a dream world, but that hasn’t yet made them go away.

I know how to tell when I’m doing the right thing: it seems easy, as opposed to ice skating uphill. Unfortunately, I can only apply that criterion after the fact. Divine guidance has the definite benefit that it comes before a decision is necessary.

Of late, I’ve found myself deliberately deferring major decisions. I made a major career change just a few years ago, based on egocentric thinking. It seems silly to repeat the process, rather than wait for the point when I can receive divine guidance.

Of course, my ego argues that I could wait forever for such guidance. This is a great opportunity for my ego to play tricks. Maybe God doesn’t exist at all, and people like Williamson and Jampolsky are just delusional. Maybe that just have great intuition, and attribute it to God. Yeah, that’s it, and intuition is just another part of the ego, and if I want guidance I should spend time developing my ego’s intuitive skills, and…

This line of reasoning is what lets me know this is another ego trick. Yet, I can see this as a particular area of challenge for me. Relying on divine guidance is kind of a Catch-22: you don’t get the guidance until you relinquish ego control. Until you get divine guidance, there’s a temptation to rely on ego control.

No wonder so many people remain firmly in their ego’s grasp for their whole lives!


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I had the same sort of dilemma about illusion. The I-Ching workbook by R.L.Wing attempts to solve this for goal decision. It attempts to describe an atmosphere and whether it would be favourable to any decision in your present situation. Although this is a book of Divination – I am skeptical about them. It is remarkable in showing human themes that prevails in our decision making. It is impartial, then becomes very personal when you do some of the “readings”. It obviously has to be taken into the context of exploration through the several methods that you are exploring. Best regards, Misha

Comment by Michael Domnin

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