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Ego Tricks
October 25, 2008, 9:14 am
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As I thought more about Thursday’s post on synchronicity, I realized how much my ego keeps tricking me into doing detailed analysis like that. I was lucky that time to realize the trap before I had wasted too much time on it.

And, it was just last Sunday that I was feeling stuck and tempted to start reading, looking for new techniques and insights. Again, I was fortunate to realize the nature of the ego trap before falling prey to it.

Yesterday, I started to realize just how much energy my ego puts into defending itself. Its techniques are so incredibly clever that I can’t help but have a grudging admiration. However, I’m getting much better at seeing these tricks for what they are.

This is where the Sedona Method, which started me on my spiritual path, seems to fall short. The Method focuses on letting go of the thoughts, emotions, and desires that are the hallmark of the go. However, it didn’t prepare me well to recognize the tricks my ego would use to reassert control.

Indeed, as you would expect from a profit-making enterprise, Sedona Training Associates has plenty of products to let you keep “learning” more. Unfortunately, this makes it very easy for someone like me to keep learning about the Method rather than practicing the Method more. That’s not to say that the advanced products aren’t helpful for some people. It would just be nice if they had big warnings, saying, “Are you sure you want to buy this? Lester Levenson really thought you should spend more time meditating!”

As I see the ego’s tricks more and more, I’m getting better at recognizing and avoiding them. That in itself is a reassuring sign of progress for me.


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